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  • Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm to life and to everything.

    - Plato
  • After food, Clothes and shelter, music is the fourth great material want of mankind.    

    - Christian NestellBovee
  • Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.     

    - Ludwing van Beethovan
  • Music is spiritual. It has the power to bring people together.   

    - Edgar Winter
  • There is nothing like music to relieve the soul and uplift it

    - Mickey Hart
  • The world’s most famous and popular language is music

    - Psy

Jaipur Music Expo

About Jaipur Music Expo

The first of its kind, Global B2B and B2C Business Meet and Exhibition of music fraternity, connecting music trade, industry and enthusiasts to enrich Jaipur’s thriving music scene by contributing to the local economy, community and culture.

The Global Music Market was estimated to be valued at $64.23 billions in 2022. With the growth rate of 3.4%, this is estimated to reach $73.39 billion by 2026. The factors such as increasing number of paid streaming subscribers, rising adoption of smartphones, expanding music consumption, growing popularity of digital music streaming platforms and growing integration with social media platforms are expected to drive the market like anything.

India, having a great tradition and trend of various streams of music, is one of the key players in the worldwide scenario.

Now it’s time to see where you are in the picture…..?

Be a part of this one of its kind Music Expo, which will have exhibitors from different areas of the music industry, audio and video production houses, event industry, lighting and display equipments etc. that will directly benefit them to discover new business opportunities, the latest trends and tendencies, the latest tools and equipments in the field of music, its production and streaming.

The Expo will unite professionals and music lovers in a dynamic marketplace. It will be a rendezvous for the music industry like never before.

This pioneering Expo is offering Pavilions and Stalls for: 

Client Wise
  • Music companies
  • Music Apps and platforms
  • Electronic and musical equipment companies and traders,
  • Musical instrument manufacturers and traders,
  • Music video and album makers
  • Event organizers and Event managers,
  • Music and Dance institutions/academies,
  • Music and Dance groups and bands,
  • Individual artists,
  • Universities, colleges, schools (offering music and dance courses/ degrees),
  • Fashion designers and boutiques,
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Telecom companies
  • Jewellers
  • Hospitals
  • Builders and developers
  • Handicraft vendors
  • Food venders
Product Type Wise

Video Production and Equipment Companies : –

  • Camera – DSLRs /Crop Sensors / Camcorders
  • Gimbals -  Hand-held / Body-mount
  • Tripods
  • Microphone – Cordless (Lapels) / Boom mics
  • Shooting Lights/ LED Panels / Ring lights
  • Tracks / Trolleys / Sliders
  • Chroma kits
  • Reflectors

Audio Production Equipment Companies –

  • Amplifiers
  • Audio equipments
  • Theatre and auditorium sound systems
  • Audio networking
  • Cables and connectors
  • Studio recording equipments
  • Consoles/Mixing desks
  • Head phones
  • Line array
  • Live sound technology
  • Microphones and Accessories
  • PA systems
  • Sound reinforcement equipments


  • Theatre and auditorium lighting
  • Trusses and Rigging
  • Stage technology and lighting
  • Light consoles and panels
  • Laser technology and effects
  • SFX and Lights effects
  • Floor lighting
  • Club and Disco lighting
  • Studio lighting
  • Theatre and auditorium lighting

Display Technology

  • PA systems
  • Display systems
  • Video walls and large screen displays
  • Conference equipments and technology
  • Digital projection
  • Digital signage
  • Installed sound
  • Interact displays and Whiteboards
  • LEDs
  • Projectors
Jaipur Music Expo
Jaipur Music Expo
Jaipur Music Expo Image